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Paragliding in Asian Games 2018 First time ever!! - All you need to know.

The 2018 Asian Games was one of its kind as it was first time that this multi-sports extravaganza was split between two locations: the Indonesian capital, Jakarta and the South Sumatran capital, Palembang. In a game of many ‘firsts’, the headlines was snatched by Paragliding,which made it's debut in Asiad for the first time since 1951. For the first time ever, the paragliding pilots were among the thousands of athletes competing, as air sports  took  place alongside more than 40 other genres of sports involved in this action-packed, pan-Asian extravaganza.
Both men's and women's individual and team events were staged in accuracy competitions, apart from the battle of supremacy in the cross-country contest. Thus 6 gold medals were up for grabs in this particular sport.
Accuracy event in paragliding is a test of precision in landing, which is one of the most popular form of the game. The landing area is divided into concentric circles with the dead centre or the bull's e…

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