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SIV/Acro Blilaspur 2018 : Update

To be living in a country home in a tiny hamlet atop a hill, 5 minutes walk from the Take Off & doing all kinds of gymnastics with your Glider is a heady mix of a very peaceful & a very high adrenaline holiday. SIV Courses as I have always maintained are a key to understanding Glider behaviour & dynamics in instability situations & improve pilot reactions to a great degree to make them more capable of avoiding accidents. Safety is the Pilot’s responsibility. The number one Safety Factor in nearly all Accidents is the pilot.

SIV Training pre-programs your brain to react in the correct way to an event. If you Practice SIV frequently your reactions are likely to become automatic.

In high-stress situations our body pumps a complex mixture of extremely powerful chemicals into our bloodstream. Our mental capabilities to perform under high stress drop off quite dramatically indeed.
Paragliding SIV Courses seek to address this. Pilot experiences instability situations & lear…

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